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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bulk Review of #1-3 of the De La Cruz Saga by P.T. Macias

I would like to welcome the wonderful P.T. Macias, or as I call her mi hermana, Patricia, to my blog!  She so kindly sent me the first 3 books in her "De La Cruz Saga".  I'm not one for romantic books, but these are a must!  They have in depth characters that you truly get attached to.  My favorite is Jose, not just because he's absolutely gorgeous, but because he is so loving, caring, and romantic.  He's ambitious and works towards achieving his goals, basically every woman's dream man!  I don't won't to give away any spoilers, but there are some major twists in turns in these books!  It is a great afternoon read (I prefer some coffee or tea with it).  Here are the first 3 in the series:

  • Hot & Spicy
  • Hot & Forbidden 
  • Hot & Enchanting 

An interview with P.T. Macias! 

1.) Who inspired you to start writing? 

PTM: What inspired all my writing was the wonderful stories I read since I was young.  I started off of course with Dr. Seuss, Nancy Drew, Barbara Cartland, and so on.
2.) Does your family and friends support your writing? 
PTM: Yes my husband, family, and friends are all very supportive.  My husband does a lot in my home so I have additional time to write.
3.) If you weren't a writer, what career would you have chosen? 
PTM: Well I do have a full time job.  I used to think I would love to be a attorney, now I wonder why.  What I forgot, was that I dreamed of writing when I was young.  The lack of supplies changed my mind.  You know, that back then I needed a typewriter or had to hand write. 
4.) Where did you get the idea for the plot of your story? 
PTM: Really?  You want to know, OMG.  I dreamed of it several months until I realized it was a story, the saga.  I bought my laptop and started to write and write.  I wrote for an entire year before I published the first one in the De La Cruz Saga.
5.) Where did you get the idea for the characters in your story and are they based on real people? 
PTM: Not they are not based on real people.  I see them in my mind and hear them.  They have their own personality.  I can see their quirks, their smiles, and they tell me their thoughts.  I write and write.
6.) (If you can tell me/us), what will your next work be about? 
PTM: I'm finishing off the seventh book in the De La Cruz Saga.  I plan to finish off the De La Cruz Saga by December 2013.
7.) What is your favorite book? 
PTM: My favorite book is of course my saga, lol *wink*
8.) What is your favorite book genre? 
PTM: Romance, Paranormal Romance
9.) What is your writing process? 
PTM: I write the story in my laptop.  I read it to edit it.  I use a calendar as my timeline.
10.) What is your favorite book that was turned into a movie? 
PTM: It's going to be made into a television series, I heard. 

I would like to thank the wonderfully talented P.T. Macias for her books, and for being a wonderful interviewee!  Please go out and get her books!  They are available on Amazon US & UK as well!  Keep On Reading! 

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  1. Thank you mi hermana!!! I'm glad you enjoyed the De La Cruz Saga! xoxoxo
    Patricia ♥